> Subject: Multiple Bugzilla databases on the same server - Possible??
> I'd Bugzilla 2.18 running. I'd like that same server to host a separate
> database. Is that possible and if so, please point me in the right
> direction. Thanks!

When Bugzilla connects to MySQL, it identifies a user name, a password, and
a database name. That is set up in the config.

All that is required is that you have each instance of Bugzilla use a
different database. They might also be a different MySQL user, but that
isn't required.

I have six instances of Bugzilla (for different purposes) hosted on the same
server. I am also using MySQL for other database development.

MySQL will tolerate this just fine. In fact, if you buy an account from a
web hosting service that includes "MySQL", you will be sharing MySQL (but
not your database) with at least several other users. To MySQL, each
database is very separate from all the other databases.