> > I have on many occasions needed to do many changes to a bug that
> > cannot
> > be done in one edit e.g. assign the bug to me and set it as fixed,
> > add 2
> > people to the cc list.

> As an aside, I think you can add 2 people to the CC list at the same
> time as other actions.

Thanks, I will try this next time I need to do it.

> (By seperating by space and/or comma, or multi-selecting, if
> 'usemenuforusers' param is on.)

> > We are using Bugzilla v2.18, and we are going to be moving to the
> > latest
> > version in the near future.

> The latest version allows users to choose what should happen after
> changing a bug.

Do you know where this option might be? I have looked in the latest
version (2.20) and it only has options for the order of the comments and
also whether to show the quip.


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