We are using keywords and not flags to manage the different versions of our

Which is the advantage of the flags to do these or the disadvantage of the

Thanks in advance

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HI Michael,

Michael Bellomo wrote:
> You could always do what Mozilla does for this...flags. If you go to
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ and look at some bugs, you'll see that
> some

have a
> flag called Blocking2.20 or whatever version. If the bug blocks that

> then the flag will be set.

we are using flags to mark on what branches (we have a branch for each major
release) the bug has been / needs to be fixed. This is because we can't
assign more than one version to a bug. The other alternative of multiplying
bugs also looked ugly. Using flags would mix this up.

Maybe there is another solution for the version/branch problem and then the
flags are free to use again

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