Hi, all.

I am really a newbie, so this might be a very simple problem. :-)

I'm installing Bugzilla and ran into an issue. I'm setting it up on Windows
2003 Server, running IIS. I've installed ActivePerl, then
installed MySQL 5. After I ran the checksetup.pl to check my perl modules,
it displayed that CGI and Template-Toolkit cannot be found. Since I have
those installed, I assume that it just doesn't like the versions that I
have. I've downloaded CGI.pm several times now and placed in under
C:\Perl\lib, then re-installed the CGI module in PPM. It still says version
2.91 when installing it and I know that I've downloaded version 2.93 (I
tried other higher versions too). Am I not installing it the right way?

Please help!

Thank you.