On Fri, 2006-01-13 at 14:06 +0530, raju chacko wrote:
> I am the Admin. for a new Bugzilla installation in Bangalore, India.
> Tried to view the results of the SEARCH query in a popular RSS reader from
> CNET (which is reliable, name:RssReader). Tried in many ways e.g. pasting
> the URL which appears in IE's status bar with mouse over the 'RSS' link but
> utltimately get this error always:
> ================================================== =============
> "Feed contains an unexpected XML Syntax error:
> This is an unexpected token. The expected token is TAGEND. Line
> 31 position 3."
> ================================================== =============

What version of Bugzilla are you using? We've fixed the RSS feed to be
valid in more recent versions, I believe.

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