> since a few month my company is using bugzilla. I installed every
> available module for the latest version and thought everything is ok.
> Now I need to use the "New Charts" function to see specific changes in

> product cumulated over time.
> So after some time spent with searching I executed the collectstats.pl
> script and also scheduled a task to do it every day.
> The result: I get a chart, but only for today. Isn't it possible to

> the data also for changes made in the past?
> My thought was, that the scripts uses the date within the bug records

> build up the stats. Am I wrong?
> Is there any possibility for me to get the figures from my old

> Thanks in advance!!

Not by using existing reporting functionality in Bugzilla. The problem
is, Bugzilla charting depends on a cron job that collects statistics for
each day (the day it's being run on). Users who want data that starts
prior to the first cron job run will need to find another way to gather
the same information.

Here are two possible ways to fix this:

1) Write your own script that queries the MySQL database directly for
the data you're looking for. You could use one of the existing programs
as a template for your own, but it will require a significant amount of

2) Use a canned reporting program to interact with the database to
generate the information you're looking for. In certain situations, I
find it's easier to write an SQL query for MyODBC and set it up in Excel
or Crystal Reports. This will still require some work to code, though
less than option 1.

In either case, you'll find the following challenges:

Bugs are created without activity records. All changes are logged in
the activity table after that. This means that you'll have to pull
information from at least two tables to get the historical data you're
looking for. To get a historical snapshot of a bug, you'll need to work
"backwards in time" to arrive at the status you're trying to locate.
The tables you'll need to deal with at least minimally are bugs and

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