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> Subject: RE: does Bugzilla support MySQL 5
> Muhammad Asghar wrote:
> > I need to know does Bugzilla 2.20 support MySQL 5 on WinXP.

I'm using it and it works for me, though I'm only using it as a test environment. I am not using Bugzilla against MySQL 5 in a production environment yet.

> > I am also getting problem with long format buglist, when ever I wanted

> > to view buglist in long format the page show_bug.cgi crash if number
> > of bugs are greater than 40.

You might want to submit a bug on bugzilla.mozilla.org for that giving more details.

> >>Without a lot of fooling around, no.

> What 'fooling' around does it take? What is so different in MYSQL 5.0
> compared to 4.X that takes a lot of 'tweeking'?

I didn't have to do anything at all to make Bugzilla 2.20 work with MySQL 5 in my limited test environment. I can tell you that Bugzilla prior to 2.20RC1 definitely does not work with current MySQL 5 due to syntax changes in MySQL 5.0.12 (IIRC). 2.20 works very well with the MySQL 4.x line and if you're in a production environment, you're encouraged to use one of those versions. If you want to assist in the QA testing of Bugzilla 2.22 against MySQL 5.0, you might want to contact Frédéric Buclin - LpSolit -at- gmail.com to offer a hand. I'm sure he'd welcome the help.

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