We had a similar issue in trying to keep track of 'who's court the ball was
in' regarding questions to and responses from clients. What we did was
simply add another resolution called 'WaitingResponse' under the Fixed
status. It's not perfect but it allows you to easily track the information
flow and do searches to find any issues that are currently 'waiting for a
response' from the client.

Darrell Fluet

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I've set-up a 2.20 version of Bugzilla to test and try out.

I've noticed that there is not a place or status for bugs to enter for
needed information from the reporter or anyone else in the users-list.

Is there a way to create a new state and have the default files allow for a
'NEW' or 'ASSIGNED' bug to enter a 'NEEDINFO' state? And then a 'INFOGIVEN'

Any help on this is appreciated.


Kelly Holt