What we do here for that case is mark the bug as fixed / invalid.  If the bug doesn't have enough information for the developers to know what's wrong, we consider that invalid.  We debated this for a while and were going to use the milestone like Jay suggested, but ended up deciding that people need to learn how to write good bugs...so we consider those invalid.

Another option would be just to add a comment to the bug:  need more info please.  And that'll notify the reporter (assuming they have their preference set to get that mail).


Kelly Holt wrote:

I’ve set-up a 2.20 version of Bugzilla to test and try out.


I’ve noticed that there is not a place or status for bugs to enter for needed information from the reporter or anyone else in the users-list.


Is there a way to create a new state and have the default files allow for a ‘NEW’ or ‘ASSIGNED’ bug to enter a ‘NEEDINFO’ state? And then a ‘INFOGIVEN’ after?


Any help on this is appreciated.



Kelly Holt

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