Hello Kelly,

We've just recently upgraded from 2.18.3 to 2.20, so my knowledge of
2.20 is not quite absolute yet.

I don't know if 2.20 introduced functionality to address your issue. If
it did, we'd very much like to use it.

However, if 2.20 doesn't add the functionality, you could try the
following. The Target Milestone field contains the information of "when
we should try to address this issue". However, if an issue requires
more information, and therefore one can't determine when it should be
addressed, you could target the bug for "Needs More Info".

So, to implement this idea, add a new Target Milestone for the product
named "NEEDS_INFO", plus leave the "---" target in the list. Thus, if
management needs more information for the bug, then they could target it
for NEEDS_INFO. When the developers have added the necessary
information, they would retarget it for "---". This would tell
management that it's back to them for targeting.

Now, I don't know how well this would work, as I haven't tried it
myself. It really depends on your team's work cycle.


PS: I've noticed that the PRIORITY and SEVERITY fields are modifiable
now. So an alternative might be to add the NEEDS_INFO to the PRIORITY
field (ie: "we can't prioritize it until we get more information ...")


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I've set-up a 2.20 version of Bugzilla to test and try out.

I've noticed that there is not a place or status for bugs to
enter for needed information from the reporter or anyone else in the

Is there a way to create a new state and have the default files
allow for a 'NEW' or 'ASSIGNED' bug to enter a 'NEEDINFO' state? And
then a 'INFOGIVEN' after?

Any help on this is appreciated.


Kelly Holt