Has anyone attempted or succeeded in adding or moving versioning to

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David Miller wrote:
> Joel Peshkin wrote on 1/10/06 7:41 PM:
>>What you are really looking for is something that is SUFFICIENT/NA
>>meaning that the bug MUST be restricted to AT LEAST ONE of a set of
>>groups. If we were to do that (and I am not sure it is worth the
>>complexity), a user who was a member of only one SUFFICIENT group

>>see that group as MANDATORY, but a user who was a member of several
>>would be able to choose one (or more?) of the SUFFICIENT groups.

> How much complexity would it be? That actually sounds like it might

> useful.

Well... prior to the concept of "Sufficient," it would have been a real

mess. The concept may make it managable. A few details still have to
be worked out. For instance, when a product has existing bugs as a set
of sufficient groups are created, what should happen.

We could do this, but I am not sure I want to have to deal with the
whining from people who find this confusing.

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