I am trying to build an environment that would contain 4 separate instances
of Bugzilla running on the same server. The environment uses:

* Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6
* ActivePerl 5.8.7
* MySQL 4.1.16

I've been following the instructions at:

I've been attempting to build one instance of Bugzilla at a time. MySQL and
ActivePerl are installed. The required Perl Modules are also installed.

Form there, the steps I've been taking are:

* I'll create the database, grant it all privileges.
* Create a IIS Virtual directory, and configure the CGI settings
* Run checksetup.pl the first time
* Alter the localconfig to point to the correct DB with the username &
* Run checksetup.pl a second time to create the tables in the DB
* configure the Windows security settings on the "data" sub-folder.
* Log in and change the urlbase and cookiebase

However, I am often finding myself receiving an error when I try to create
the additional instances of Bugzilla. When running checksetup.pl for the
second time, I get:

Can't connect to the database.
Error: Access denied for user 'bugsadmin'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
Is your database installed and up and running?
Do you have the correct username and password selected in localconfig?

I've confirmed that MySQL is in fact running, and double-checked the
settings I entered for the username, password, and DB name in the
localconfig file. Everything appears OK. Can anyone help me?


Steven C. Leathem
Web Administrator
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
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