Hmmmm... Thinking about this out loud... Just because I've looked at a
bug doesn't mean I'm ready to deal with it or that I'm the right person
to deal with it. It also takes control away from me to determine when
I'm going to start working on an issue (accepting it) versus when I want
to take a peek at it for the first time. I suppose that if you really
wanted it implemented and included in the Bugzilla code base, you could
submit a patch and make sure you included a new parameter "autoaccept".

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> Subject: Set Bug as assigned by read of e-mail
> When I add a new bug to Bugzilla a mail is sent to the assigne of the

> Is it possible to add a link to this mail which will set the status of

> bug to assigned when the user klicks on it? Or is it possible to set

> automaticly when the user read the e-mail?
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