The fundamental logic is that Bugzilla groups behave like
Unix groups (except for the automatic assignment that you want).
Users can only access (read & write) bugs that belong also to
group(s) they belong to (as in Unix).

As the Bugzilla admin for my product, I get an e-mail whenever
a bug is generated (I'm QA Contact). If a user did not check the
appropriate box, I do. Not automatic, but I deal with it.

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>Subject: Re: Using Bugzilla Groups to Limit User Group to Group Bugs
>> >To clarify things the effects that we desire are:
>> >1) A staff member enters a bug for Product A or Product B -> Only
>> >staff members can access this bug.

>> Staff checks the GropuA(GroupB) box only.

>Which means that only GroupA members can access this bug which
>is fine since all Staff members are members of GroupA, but no
>clients are members of GroupA.
>> >2) A client 1 user enters a bug for Product A -> Only staff members
>> >and client 1 users can access this bug.

>> client 1 checks the Client1 and GroupA boxes.

>Which means that only members of both Client1 and GroupA can
>access this bug which is not OK because that would mean that
>other Client1 users cannot access this bug because no client
>users are a part of GroupA because otherwise they could see
>bugs entered by the staff per the above comments.
>I suppose if I were OK with manually checking things, then I
>could get away with making three groups: Staff, Client1, and
>Client2 where Staff members must manually check the Staff box
>for bugs that they enter, Client 1 users must manually check
>the Check1 box for bugs that they enter and Client 2 users
>must manually check the Client2 box for bugs that they enter.
>Then, Staff members would belong to all three groups while
>clients would only belong to their corresponding groups. But
>the problem with this is that with manual checking things are
>not secure as the isolation of bugs from various parties can
>break through user error.
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