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>Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 11:03 AM
>Subject: Using Bugzilla Groups to Limit User Group to Group Bugs
>I am maintaining my company's Bugzilla installation, and I am
>currently investigating whether or not it is possible with
>Bugzilla's current Group Permissions capabilities to achieve a
>certain isolation goal.
>Let's say we have three Products A, B, and C and two Clients 1
>and 2. We would like to make it so that all staff can see,
>edit, and modify all bugs for Products A, B, and C while
>Client 1 can only see, edit, and modify bugs that someone from
>Client 1 has entered for Product A and Client 2 can only see,
>edit, and modify bugs that someone from Client 2 has entered
>for Product A.
>Is this possible with Bugzilla's Groups? I am using version 2.21.1
>At first, I thought that surely there was a way with the
>configuration options available for Groups, but as I've
>pondered it more, I thinking I may need to modify some of the
>code to achieve the desired effect.
>John Weathers
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