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> From: Chris Montgomery
> To: dev-extensions@lists.mozilla.org
> Sent: Friday, May 9, 2008 12:58:37 PM
> Subject: Trigger Firefox instances to restart from external process?
> We're installing an all-users firefox extension via the registry from an MSI
> package. Is there a way to trigger any running Firefox instances to prompt
> the users to restart them from our external process? Perhaps a firefox
> commandline or API?

I'm going to assume you're on windows only because you mentioned registry and MSI. You can close Firefox instances automatically by sending their windows the WM_CLOSE message. I don't know how to get Firefox to prompt the user to restart. I suspect that's pretty difficult without customizing Firefox to listen for your own custom windows message or listen on a named pipe/socket/etc. for a restart notification.

Most applications I've seen do this kind of thing ask users to close Firefox before installing. The install pauses when it detects firefox running with buttons for "Try Again" and "Cancel". You can determine if firefox is running by searching the process list for firefox.exe or maybe searching all top-level windows for Firefox's window class.

If Firefox isn't running when your installer installs an extension, then the user doesn't have to "restart" firefox

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