I know that contents.rdf is on the way out, replaced by manifest files
but I was reading this evening and noticed that it's still listed for
theme packaging. <http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/

Is this an oversight or does contents.rdf live on for theme
packaging? The only hint on that page is this:

"You must have a top-level chrome.manifest (Firefox/Thunderbird 1.5)
or contents.rdf file which registers the chrome for the theme (as
before) and also an install.rdf manifest that specifies metadata that
is displayed in the Themes window." Right above this text,
contents.rdf is listed as a required file for the package structure,
but with this info it seems to be saying that you don't need it if you
use a manifest file.

Am I reading this right that you really don't need a contents.rdf file
anymore if you use manifests? I'm only interested in developing the
firefox3 base and greater.