I have this extension for extending glass over frames in FF, but there
are a few things in the component I'm not sure how to do, or how to do
right. My C++ skills suck, so sorry if these are dumb, but hoping
someone here can answer me.

Firstly, I have to load a Vista DLL in the constructor. I check to
make sure that I found it, but I'm wondering if there's some sort of
correct way to error out if its not found? I've looked for examples of
this but haven't seen anything.

Second, I have to get the windows HWND to do anything with it. I want
the javascript call to look something like:

foo(document, other_params);

and then use the document to get the HWND. I stole some code from:


to get the HWND, and ignored all the FF2 considerations since its a
FF3 only extension right now. It still wasn't finding the right HWND
(although it does find something). I finally just on a whim added

self = GetParent(self);

right before it returned, and voila! I had the right handle. Is there
some good reason this works, or am I doing something bad by using it?
Is there an easier way?

Finally, when composition is enabled or disabled, I'd like to get that
message. Is there someway to hook into a WindowProc function? Thanks
for any help.