Hi all,

After reading a tutorial (
http://mycroft.mozdev.org/deepdocs/quickstart.html ), I'm writing my first
search plug-in (SpanishToItalian and ItalianToSpanish dictionary using

I used the Aptana XML editor and then changed the filename to .src
Then I copied the .src file to ~/Mozilla Firefox/searchplugins/

After relaunching Firefox, the search engines were recognized (but didn't
work... sometimes it keep loading but didn't render a website). I tried to
make one on google.com (thinking it was simpler). But it also didn't work.

At random, Firefox stoped recognizing the custom search engines. I clicked
on "administrar buscadores" ("managing search engines", on the english
version... I think) and all the already installed engines aren't there (on
the pop-up window, they were always on the search box/widget). After about 3
Firefox relaunchs, everything was back to normal (this may be a rare and
minor bug... I clicked on the debuging tool and there were some .js
errors**... but I didn't copy this error logs thinking the bug wouldn't go
away easily. And I was able to install new engines if they appeared on a

Why the engines that I install (taken directly from URLs) aren't in
~/Mozilla Firefox/searchplugins/? Where does Firefox stores them?

*there's a GermanToItalian and ItalianToGerman version using the same URL,
were's the code?

** may ~/Mozilla Firefox/components/nsSearchService.js have something to do
with it?