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I forward following notice related on Mozilla 24 event.
# see http://www.mozilla24.com/en-US/ for further infos.

Not much days are left, but please not be discouraged by the time limit!
Many nice awards are avail.

Atsushi Shimono
Mozilla-Gumi : Japanese Mozilla Users Group / Server Administrator
MDC Japan Project Leader / MDC Japanese Translation Team
shimono@mozilla.gr.jp / shimono@gmail.com
blog : http://www.mozilla.gr.jp/~shimono/blog/

I am sorry for this last minute announcement, but SOI Asia is
hosting a mozilla add-on competition jointly with mozilla 24h event;

The deadline to submit the add-on is September 14th 12:00JST, and
we wish to receive add-ons from you guys.

***** SOI A+zilla Add on Competition *****
- develop open source, develop people -

inviting everone to develop add ons for mozilla applications and
appreciate people's contributions to local cultures
September 15, 2007 (Saturday) 14:00-17:00(JST)
Program Chair: Prof.Keiko Okawa (Keio University)


SOI Asia will host a mozilla Firefox Add-on competition jointly with
mozilla 24h event. Mozilla is having a worldwide 24 hour running event.
As one of the International Internet research community, SOI Asia is
happy to collaborate with mozilla to host one of the event "SOI A+zilla
Add on Competition - develop open source, develop people -".

This Add-on competition aims to celebrate developers in the Asia-pacific
region by collecting funny to serious mozilla add-ons and the developer's
sub-culture presentations. Through this competition, we wish to
encourage newly joined & active open source developers and have fun time
by sharing cultural presentations among the participants.

Competition Rules:

* Create your own Mozilla Add-ons and upload the xpi file from the
upload page.
* Create up to 5min Video introducing the add-on & what's hot around
you (i.e. shopping in Akihabara, Doraemon, Coffee to drink when
coding) This is optional, but will be considered in the selection
* Present the add-on and the video at the venue.
* Judges will select the best presenter using following criteria.
1) add-on uniqueness, 2) add-on percentage of completion,
3) add-on internationalization(function, local),
4) add-on file size and 5) the quality of the cultural video.

How to submit:

Please submit necessary information/materials through the
registration page:


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail to

Best regards,
SOI Asia Project
Shoko Mikawa