DoctorBill wrote:
> I very often get a "Green Arrow" indicating a message in my Inbox, but
> when I go there - no message.
> The small "Inbox" icon even has a green arrow under my ISP's name.
> Can someone explain why the inbox shows a message is there but really isn't?
> Would new messages in this News Group cause it?

what does messages in the newsgroup have to do with your
inbox? Nothing!

I have several email accounts. I once decided to set up a
filter to have messages from a certain individual be moved
from Account A to another email account -- Account B. Then
I got a message and Account A had the arrow and I hunted
everywhere for the message, and I couldn't find it. Then
while I was looking at the other Accounts, I looked in
Account B and there was a message from this person. So, the
arrow shows up in Account A *and* Account B. That was
confusing, so I removed that filter.

So, do you have something similar? Perhaps its your junk
mail controls? Check your settings: View, Messages, All.

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