Jeff M wrote:

<< >[] increasing number of sites are sniffing / testing browsers,
>and are refusing those that are not identifying themselves
>as either IE, and increasingly Firefox.
>If the issue is ignored or swept under the rug, then it will only intensify.
> Joe

"The issue" is idiots who won't build their pages properly. >>

Only if they NEED to go to alternate displays for specific browsers, but there are ways to really not HAVE to do that, if the page is built "better".

Instead of calling them idiots, note that not everyone has hours all day, and/or a two or three person webmaster + web site builders.

But that also puts an onus on the web-server to not HAVE to sniff all the time, it's nowhere as needed as some apparently feel.

After discussing this with two NASA webmasters, it turns out that a lot of sniffing is being done to make sure that it's harder to have unauthorized users, but we all know, as do the NASA webmasters, that this isn't the only real reason.

NASA web sites are frankly NOT being coded as well as they could be.

One suspects that the situation may be the same or reasonably similar at other "sniffer oriented" sites as well.