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Gecko/20070802 SeaMonkey/1.1.4 Mnenhy/

I am suddenly having some odd font and display issues---

I do not believe that they are directly related, but here they are....

Firstly what would normally display in the browser as Bold fonts are now
coming out as Some sort of strange bold Script font....

Secondly, On occasion the browser window (not mail, or composer or
address book...) will appear to "bounce" slightly and quickly up and
down, making it difficult to read. Sometimes following any old random
link will correct the problem, and restoring the window down (i.e.
making it not maximized) will correct the issue.

I have been using Seamonkey as long as it has been around, and Mozilla
before that, and have been very happy with them, but I cannot seem to
find a resolution or cause to these problems...any help would be