Yes, it doesn't sound like IE7 would be a SM problem.

I was enticed by Windows Automatic download to install IE7. Didn't work.
Tried backing up to IE6, didn't work. Found anothjer place to download
IE7 ( and it
seemed to download and install OK.

However, the icon for IE7 is the SeaMonkey icon. And, when I invoke IE7 I
end up on a page that says it didn't download.

I seem to remember from IE6 that there was some connection to SM that
showed up in the window label. Is there something different about
downloading IE7 on an SM machine?

At any rate, I can't get IE7 to load. Any ideas?


PLEASE READ......................................

I'm using SeaMonkey, a suite in the style of Netscape and Mozilla.
Have you tried it?