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  1. import thunderbird profile

    How can I import a profile from Thunderbird2.0?

  2. Re: import thunderbird profile

    Am 2007-04-23 17:31 schrieb exsudat:
    > How can I import a profile from Thunderbird2.0?

    There is currently no profile migrator support for a switch from TB to
    SM. This might change with SM 1.5 or later, I don't know.

    Have a look at

    I don't know whether the MozBackup method works. The alternative (which
    essentially comes down to copying the individual files from the
    respective profile directories) might be more complex, but is guaranteed
    to work since SM and TB share most file formats, including the one for
    mail (mbox). If you start with a new SM profile and only copy the files
    from the TB profile, there is no data loss and thus no risk. Just give
    it a try. When you're done, you might consider posting your experiences
    to the above MZ thread so that others can learn from it.



    P.S.: If you can read this, you see that this group in fact is /not/
    dead. ;-)

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