How does SeaMonkey determine what is the operating system default application
for a file type? I have configured SeaMonkey to use the system default
application for "application/" (".ppt") applications.
SeaMonkey reports that the system default if "~/.rhopenoffice1.1". I want the
system default to be "/opt/openoffice.org2.1"

I have checked my KDE Konqueror file association settings and my "/etc/mailcap"
file. Both say that "application/" (".ppt") should use
"/opt/openoffice.org2.1". But SeaMonkey still insists the system default
application is "~/.rhopenoffice1.1".

I know I can work around this by explicitly telling SeaMonkey to use
"/opt/openoffice.org2.1" instead of the system default application. But I would
like to understand why SeaMonkey still thinks "~/.rhopenoffice1.1" is the
default application.

Matthew Seitz
Customer Support Manager
NeoPath Networks, Inc.