Rick wrote:
> I installed SeaMonkey and uninstalled Netscape 7.2. I'm very happy to
> find that this browser suite is continuing. My only question is why the
> option to display the Mail & Newsgroups icon in the Personal Toolbar was
> removed. If I could get that back, I would be totally satisfied. I've
> got what I had with Nestcape 7.2, plus now I can add Extensions and the
> great All_American theme, which isn't available for Firefox.
> Thanks to the Mozilla and SeaMonkey teams.

Probably because Mail/News is always available from the Component Bar,
along with all the other components of the application. Placing it in
the Personal Toolbar would be redundant.

The Component Bar is located at the left side of the Status Bar, which
is at the bottom of each SeaMonkey window.

If you do not see it, you need to enable it in View>>Show/Hide.

Another alternative is to drop down the Windows menu from the Menu bar.
All the SeaMonkey components are easily available from there.


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