I'm trying to do a mail merge out of Office using an Excel spreadsheet
as the data source. Various components of the message are generated out
of the data source based on certain conditions. The email forms
correctly, as far as I can see, in Word and all data appears to check
out in the preview. The final step in the process is to specify the
subject, sender, etc., then click OK to send. I do that and see a
counter VERY quickly click up. But then nothing happens. The email
does not go out. No error message is generated.

Seamonkey is my default mail/news client. I'm running the latest updates.

The only thing I can find is a reference in Word's help that it needs a
MAPI-compatible mail program installed on the system in order to work.
A search of Seamonkey's help using MAPI as the term found no results.
Does that mean it's not MAPI-compatible? Is that the root of my problem?

Do any of you have suggestions for fixing it? Alternatives that would
allow a query-based writing of emails?

Many thanks!