I wonder if someone can help me. I can successfully insert a pixmap
within an XRT table cell using the XmNxrtTblPixmapContext, but I can't
seem to use the XmNxrtTblClipPixmapContext correctly to hide a portion
of the pixmap. An example is given for displaying a pixmap, which I've
used successfully:

XtVaSetValues(table, XmNxrtTblContext, XrtTblSetContext(1,1),
XtVaTypedArg, XmNxrtTblPixmapContext,
XmRString, "my_image.xpm",
strlen("my_image.xpm") + 1,

There is no example on how to use the XmNxrtTblClipPixmapContext. I
attempted to use it in the same manner as the above example, where I
specify a .xpm file, but I get errors just indicating an invalid clip
pixmap parameter. Does anyone know how to do this???