I am facing some strange input focus problems after reparenting gvim
into my motif application. gvim is reparented to be the sole child of a
window in my app. This container window occupies the bottom half of the
overall application window.

When my application has the input focus, anytime I move the pointer over
the gvim window (the bottom half), gvim automatically gets the input focus
*without* my having to click on it. Similarly moving the pointer outside of
the gvim window causes gvim to lose focus.

This results in a (pretty confusing) hybrid keyboard focus policy -
rest of my app behaves in a "click for focus" mode while for the bottom half
"focus follows mouse".

The container widget is a form - changing it to a drawing area does not
make a difference.

My top shell uses EXPLICIT focus policy.

Appreciate any suggestions for getting rid of this problem - I have
googled and couldn't find anything relevant.

This is on hpux if that matters.