Please help me, because I am stuck in this problem. I searched all over
the net, but I couldn't figure out how can I do such a thing. Actually,
I saw the XmStringDraw function, which probably could do such a thing.
But it isn't well documented and a few examples is what I found.
Bottom of line, I want to be able to put a text which has different
colors (from this point I stopped thinking about XmText widget), has
underlined words and also highlighted words. The text is read only, so
I thought that a label widget is the way. Wrong If in a XmText I can
highlight words, in a XmLabel I can't. If in a XmLabel I can use
coumpound strings (XmString) and thus been able to set different colors
in text, in a XmText I can't. So I really have to reach to a
compromise, and somehow concatenate these two widgets.
Can you please give me an idea how to do this? And I don't think that I
have to start creating a new widget, probably because I don't have such
a time and also I'm thinking that there may be a simple solution (which
I'm totally missing ( )
Thank you for reading this