Hello everyone!

It's notorious that these features were introduced in Motif 2.0's mwm,
while already present by that time in dtwm. Later, to encourage users
to use dtwm, these features were removed from mwm (2.1). Later again,
the OpenGroup released OpenMotif (2.1) for free operating systems
(Linux in particular). There're no changes in Mwm since that time (the
code is not modified in OpenMotif 2.1 through 2.3).

Obviously, the Mwm's code from 2.0 release _may_ be compiled
successfully and _may_ work with later releases of OpenMotif (2.3 in
particular), i. e. wsm & panner features can be re-enabled again.

However, there're license restrictions, since Motif 2.0 hasn't been
released under a free license.

So the question is: is there any way to ask the OpenGroup to allow old
(2.0's) Mwm code released under the same license that OpenMotif is?

Personally, I can't see any problem in it, since next to no people
would like to pay for XiG CDE for Linux -- they'd rather download and
install Solaris (for free), or build it from scratch. On the other
hand, OpenMotif will not compete with OSes that feature CDE (Solaris,
AIX, HP-UX, UnixWare etc.), since it's illegal to use OpenMotif under
these OSes.

Andrew Shcheglov.