I'm triyng to display a menuitem with text in both latin1 and
hebrew (some random chars, only to try...)

Have'nt found no one code example showing how to do this.

I'm developing with: linux 2.4.22 / FC1 / Gnome / openmotif-2.2.2-16.1
/gcc version 3.3.2 / gvim 6.2.120 / LANG=en_US.UTF-8

- Completely unsuccesful if using gcc/openmotif
- All good if using java or perl/tk.

But i have a lot of code written in c which use motif libs.
I've done a lot of mungle even with xresources, iso10646-1 fonts,
item labelString(s) but all failed:
- putting this in .Xdefaults (and using wname in code) failed
*wname.labelString: "hebrew חפװאצ"
- this also failed (show only the placeholder glyph):
MyApp*fontList: -misc-fixed-bold-r-normal--15-140-75-75-c-90-iso10646-1

Precisely: failing to show non-latin chars correctly; it seems that
openmotif is unable to understand multibyte strings
(no, no: I am doing wrong! , but what is the mistake?)

Here a little sample:

Widget wmbar,wpulldw,wcascade,witem;
XmString lab;
Arg al[10];
int ac=0;

wmbar = XmCreateMenuBar(...);
wpulldw = XmCreatePulldownMenu(wmbar,"name", al, ac );

XtSetArg(al[ac],XmNsubMenuId,wpulldw); ac++;
wcascade = XmCreateCascadeButton(wmbar,"MenuTitle",al,ac);

/* no one of these appears to work good */
lab = XmStringCreateLocalized("hebrew חפװאצ");
lab = XmStringGenerate("hebrew חפװאצ",NULL,XmMULTIBYTE_TEXT,NULL);

/* make the menuitem */
XmNlabelString, lab,NULL);

/* ...then only latin chars show up ok */

printf("%s\n","hebrew חפװאצ"); /* this prints goodon terminal */


Any help is appreciated.