I was successful finding and installing LiteClue, and it works very
well. However, my major app uses googols of gadgets, and I dont fancy
changing them all to widgets. Besides, I suspect that at some point it
would slow down widget-realization quite a bit.

So, I embarked on trying to adapt LiteClue to gadgets, starting from
FAQ#329. Then I hit a snag: XmObjectAtPoint called with x,y from an
Enter or Leave event, and the widget argument being the manager parent
of the gadget, almost never returns one of the gadgets in the manager
(e.g. a menu). Why? Because the crossing event is reported in the
shadows (in the case of a menu) - a place where indeed no gadgets abide.
Fudging the event x,y would perhaps help for menus, but I saw then that
there would be a problem for buttons in the middle of forms anyway.

So it seems I have only 1 solution left: tracking all mouse movements
inside managers containing gadgets with tooltips. Which seems an awful
bandwidth hog.

Is my reasoning correct, or have I overlooked some better solution?

Michel Bardiaux
Peaktime Belgium S.A. Bd. du Souverain, 191 B-1160 Bruxelles
Tel : +32 2 790.29.41