I'm using SFU3.5, Xarm-2.0.5 C++ motif wrappers, Lesstif-0.94.0 motif and
X-Deep/32 Xserver. I've managed to build the Xarm library as well as
compile some of the associated examples.

However when I run the examples, the .Xdefaults file isn't pciked up. The
..Xdefaults file contains only three lines;
*foreground: yellow
*background: black
*font: -*-helvetica-*-r-*--12-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

XENIVORNMENT is set as follows;
% set XENVIRONMENT = /opt/Xarm-2.0.5/examples/xmenu/.Xdefaults

The example is executed as follows;
% pwd
% ./xmenu

Any Ideas?