Hi group,

I hope someone out there can point me in the right direction since I cannot
find an answer for this one. First off, I'm not an "X"pert so if this
sounds weird let me know nicely, OK?

I have an older X app - originally DECWindows, converted to Motif (1.2?) -
that we have migrated from a DECstation to an Alpha - almost. We had
problems with accelerator keys but I was able to borrow code from "nedit" to
get around the change from 1.2 to 2.0 - or whatever caused the problem in
the first place. The problem now is that the speed of the Alpha has
revealed a memory leak in the way the app was written. It uses a button to
display a list item; to change the selection, the buttonpress event handler
creates and manages its own scrolled list using XQueryPointer. While the
user slowly scrolls through long lists, there are a lot of packets getting
queued using malloc - can't tell if they are events or what but sometimes we
get re-parenting errors. If the user is slow enough or the Alphas fast
enough - doh! out of memory, crash!

Of course this was written before combobox was available but this routine is
used quite a bit and is tied un with the UIL - not something I am at all
familiar with. Changing it to a combobox is probably the best thing to do
but that I was hoping for a magic wand like just do a grab pointer or
something, perhaps turning off whatever is sending the packets. I suspect
it is possible but don't quite have enough knowledge yet.

Is this enough info to go on? Its more of an ettiquette issue than a
protocol issue so if you can help I would sure appreciate it.


Can you copy response to bill.fraser@bctc.ca? Thanks.