I am NOT a recruiter. Just a desperately overworked software

I'm a contractor working for a client in Maryland. For months now
we've been asking the HR department for resumes for individuals with
X/Motif skills. The candidates they've been sending have mostly been,
as I've described some of them, "losers, posers and psychos."

We are desperate for REAL Motif programmers. Someone who knows the
difference between an XmForm and an XmRowColumn and why you can't put
a border around an XmLabelGadget. Knowing the difference between UML
and UIL, and can hopefully do both. Solid understanding of C++ is
another requirement.

The project is the user interface for a large network management

So if you're looking for work in the VA/MD/DC area, are a US
citizen and can pass a security clearance. There's real Motif work here.