Ok, i define a Information Dialog in UIL which is to be used as an error
message dialogue.

If I defined it as an unmanaged child of the XmMainWindow, I can manage it
fine, except that it is always a child of the main window.

I need to have the possibility of it being a child of other windows (for
instance issuing an error message from a file selection dialog). If I do that
now, it appears under the file selection dialog (since it is a child of the
main window).

Is there a way to define a parent neutral dialog in UIL and somehow specifying
its parent after doing the MMRM$FETCH_WIDGET to create each instance ?

Or must I define the dialog exclusively without UIL and specify the parent the
the XmCreateInformationDialog and recreate the widget from scratch everytime I
need this dialog (instead of just setting values for the text values) ?