# I have put this section in the file /etc/dt/C/sys.dtwmrc , but it can probably go in some other location like ~/.dt/dtwmrc, ~/.dt/C/dtwmrc, ~/.dt/%L/dtwmrc ,... (check with the sysadmin when in doubt).
# the interesting stuff is the last 4 lines, with Btn4 or Btn5

Buttons DtButtonBindings

root f.marquee_selection
root f.toggle_frontpanel
root f.menu DtRootMenu
Shift frame|icon f.lower
frame|icon f.raise
frame f.maximize
icon f.restore
frame|icon f.raise_lower
frame|icon f.post_wmenu
Alt frame|icon|window f.raise
Alt frame|window f.minimize
Alt icon f.restore
Alt frame|icon|window f.raise_lower
Alt frame|icon|window f.move
Alt window f.minimize
root f.circle_down
root f.circle_up
Alt root f.next_workspace
Alt root f.prev_workspace