If I use an event specification like "Ctrl f" for the accelerator
resource on a push-button in a menu, the accelerator does not work if there
are modifiers on the keypress event other than the control key. This means,
for example, that if the caps lock is on the accelerator won't work. (This
is on OpenMotif 2.2, but I think it applies to other Motif implemenations
as well).

Why are event specifications for keyboard accelerators interpreted
differently from how they are for translations? And is there anything I can
say to have the accelerator work regardless of the state of other
modifiers? I can work around this for some of my accelerators by using
XtAppAddActions to add an action that is equivalent to the menu item and
specifying an appropriate translation table entry, but it would be quite
tedious to use this technique for all of them.