I updated a Redhat 8 system to Open Motif 2.2.3. (No other code was
added or deleted.) Now when I run my Motif apps, I get:

Warning cannot convert string "*-helvetica-bold-*--*-160- ... to type
And then 12 lines of MrmNOT_FOUND for helvetica-bold fonts, sized from
50 to 250 points. And then several lines of cannot find callback list
in XtAddCallback.

Now, I program in Motif (not terribly well), but have never have to
learn about adding fonts, etc. I spent a half day Friday learning
about mkfontdir, update-fonts-alias, aliases, etc. but had no luck. I
believe this is a simple fix and excuse my ignorance. But you Motif
wizards have really help me the few times I needed help, and I really
appreciate it.


John Layne