I am running Xfree and mwm in a Redhat 7.3 system (I'm not using kde
or gnome -- too heavy for this very old laptop.)

mwm is from openmotif 2.2.2-5 (at least that's the version in rpm),
and XFree86 is from XFree86 4.2.0-8.

The situation is this - periodically (usually within 5-10 minutes of
starting the X/Motif session), mwm seems to forget how to respond to
left mouse clicks (for example, to move a window, resize, minimize,
maximize, etc.)

I can still right click (at least to activate minimize/maximize,
etc.), although without left mouse operation I cannot move windows.

The fix I've found is to kill the mwm process then restart it. It
continues OK "until the next time" when the same thing happens.

There is no error message coming from the xterm where mwm itself was

This is all too bad - I "grew up" on mwm and really like it, but this
amnesia about the left mouse button is causing a pretty major

By the way, the machine is very limited resource - HP Omnibook
800CT/133, 80M RAM, 48M swap, 800x600x256 graphics using neomagic
chipset. The mouse is the little "paw" device HP includes with the
laptop, which otherwise seems to be handled fine by Redhat Linux 7.3.