I am finding that my traversal of XmMenuBars is not working quite right.

1) I use XmNmnemonics to specify the underlined accelerator keys for my
menus. I find that for the top-level menu, Alt-whatever does not always
work. Sometimes I have to it twice.

2) I use an Alt key to open a toplevel menu. If that menu has a suboption
that starts with a letter that also appears at the top level, pressing
that letter will sometimes go to the top level menu instead of the open
menu's suboption.

3) I open a menu with an Alt key and try to use the arrow keys to traverse
the menu items. It works haphazardly at best. I have to press the down
arrow several times to have it move once - but not for all the suboptions.
For some suboptions it will work fine. If use the right arrow to
traverse into a submenu the submenu will open. But down arrows will not
traverse the opened submenu.

Is there an inherent bug in the Motif menu bar implementation or did I screw
something up?

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