The OpenMotif Development Team is pleased to announce that OpenMotif 2.2.3
has been released. It can be downloaded at:




OpenMotif 2.2.3 is primarily a bug fix release with some 25+ bug fixes.
Major work was done in making ensuring that OpenMotif 2.2 is fully thread
safe. The Change Log is attached below.

In other news:

- OpenMotif 2.2.4 is approaching beta. This is a functional release
that addresses many of the community suggestions regarding OpenMotif 2.2.x.
A source snapshot is also available at:


- OpenMotif 2.3 Preliminary Specification is available for review.
Implementation priorities for this release was based on the results
of the poll of Motif users conducted at the MotifZone. Current
implementation plans include support for Anti-Alias fonts,
Images (jpg/png), Wheel Mouse, and UTF8.

Implementation is underway and being checked into the HEAD portion
of the cvs tree at http://cvs.openmotif.org. Interested parties are invited
to download the source and provide comments.



2.2.3 Change Log
Fixed many compilation warnings in Xm
Removed incorrect includes in public header files
Renamed widget Ext18List to MultiList
Renamed Ext18List demo program to MultiList
Renamed widget CombinationBox2 to DropDown
Renamed ComboBox2 demo program to DropDown
Fixed compilation failures in FontSelector, MultiList, and xmanimate demo
Added thread safety calls to ButtonBox, ColorSelector, Column, DropDown,
DataField, FontSelector, MultiList, IconBox, IconButton, Panned, TabBox,
TabStack, Hierarchy, Outline, and Tree
Moved definitions in xmstring.list from XmStrDefsI.h to XmStrDefs.h
Removed invalid definitions
Fixed bug #278 (Man page for XmText does not display tables)
Fixed bug #1013 (XmDrawnButton page describes hierarchy for bulletinboard)
Fixed bug #1131 (64-bit int/long botch in XmRenderT.c)
Fixed bug #1139 (XmNotebook doesn't resize tabs)
Fixed bug #1152 (64-bit int/long botch in XmRenderT.c)
Fixed bug #1153 (Don't let the tooltip run off the right/bottom of the
Fixed bug #1154 (RadioBox button fails to select button if button is set
from callback)
Fixed bug #1164 (RadioBox XmRowColumn ignores XmNradioAlwaysOne)
Fixed bug #1166 (Double-click on a MultiList does not consistently
register a double-click event)
Fixed bug #1170 (DropDown desensitization/sensitization)
Fixed bugs #1172, #1173, #1188, and several other bugs in ToggleButton.
Fixed bug #1181 (Linux Motif binaries do not work with Solaris/Xsun
Fixed bug #1183 (XmNpageNumber when set on a MajorTab widget will crash
the application)
Fixed bug #1197 (Compilation Error due to bad syntax in yacc file)
Fixed bug #1205 (Bug in man-page of XmManager)
Fixed bug #1168 (DeAssocNavigator warning when destroying widgets that
have XmScrolledWindow)
Fixed bug #1184 (XmScrolledText widget no longer has vertical scrollbar)
Fixed bug #1206 (XmNpopupHandlerCallback of XmContainer not called)
Fixed bug #1207 (Extending selection using scrolled text widgets scrolls
up too fast)
Fixed bug #1232 (Race condition in ToolTip code can cause crashes, even if
no tooltips are used.)