I have an application that uses a combination of Motif and Qt to display its
screens. When running under most X Servers both screen types uses the
expected fonts. When running under Citrix, the Qt screen fonts are
noticeably cruder than the Motif screen fonts.

I use the XLFD to specify the font to be used for both Motif and Qt. What's
strange is that using 'xfontsel' with the same XLFD displays the crude font
that is being shown by Qt. I would have though that the Motif screen's font
could not be different than that shown by 'xfontsel' for the same XLFD.

So where do I go from here? How can I ask one of the Motif widgets for the
exact font it is using? Where might the Motif screen be getting its font
from anyway? Again, how can the Motif screen display something that
'xfontsel' cannot display?

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