Hi I'm working on a widget to display matrices (XbaeMatrix). Like a
ScrolledWindows, the matrix can be scrolled with scrollbars displayed
at the top/bottom, left/right. There is a recource to set the desired
location. It uses the same symbolic values as ScrolledWindow does for
its scrollbar placement (XmTOP_LEFT etc.). If the code (when dealing
with the horizontal scrollbar) want to find out if it's at the top
does a (alignement == XmTOP_LEFT || alignement == XmTOP_RIGHT). Now
looking at MY Xm.h I see I could do a
alignement & SW_TOP instead
But is it portable to someone elses Motif implementation? It doesn't
really matter here, but comments in other parts of the code explicitly
state to look at Xm.h already. If SW_TOP isn't portable then those
things definetly won't be.