I have two ( 2) server, Compaq ML 370, ( one is "Online" , other standby).
We are using SCO UnixWare 7.1.1
with TED GUI removed, and using just straight X11 R6. I've go one ( 1)
X-terminal ( NCD 900 , NCbridge ). So if the "online" server goes down. they
just go to other server, login on to it from the Tektronic Host menu screen.
As the Host menu screen will show the two ( 2) servers IP address.

My question this is all connected via a "internal" network. They ( customer)
would like me to "close" up my "X"
stuff. How / where can I use the "xhost" command so that only the one
X-terminal can logon to either of the servers. And what is the command
stucture. I want to use just IP addresses for this command. I know the
"xhost +" turns the world on. Do I put this is Xsession file ? This is all
for security reasons

Neal Zierke