Steve Hild wrote:
> Where do I submit problems on LessTif?

Yes, that'll point you to the bugs database where you can
use this URL to submit a new item :

> The problem I was having was the following warning occurred when
> Lesstif 1.2 was used:
> Warning: XmForm FTS : attachment to ScrolledList1 which is not a
> child,
> replaced with ScrolledList1SW

The warning message above tells you that you're doing a form attachment
to a grandchild of an XmForm, not to a direct child. Both LessTif
and Motif are forgiving about this, the only difference is that
LessTif talks about it.

> And when the application displayed text sometimes not all of the text
> would display. I would appear if I clicked in the window. (Certainly
> the applications implementation and how Lesstif handled the Xm calls.)

This might be a bug. More info needed. Please provide that in the
bug report.

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