Steve Hild wrote:
> Danny Backx wrote in message news:<3ef56a58$0$1058$>...
>>Which problem do you have with LessTif ? I don't remember
>>seeing a bug report from you.
>> Danny
>>Steve Hild wrote:
>>>We are using an application that needs (Motif 1.2) and we
>>>have recently run into problems because the is Lesstif. The
>>>vendor sent us the OpenMotif version of to verify that the
>>>OpenMotif version would solve the problem. It does.
>>>Now I am looking for a package for OpenMotif 1.2 for Linux. We are
>>>also looking for information on distributing OpenMotif 1.2. To make
>>>things easier for our users so that don't have to go through this
>>>Thanks, Steve Hild

> Hi Danny,
> Where do I submit problems on LessTif?
> The problem I was having was the following warning occurred when
> Lesstif 1.2 was used:
> Warning: XmForm FTS : attachment to ScrolledList1 which is not a
> child,
> replaced with ScrolledList1SW
> And when the application displayed text sometimes not all of the text
> would display. I would appear if I clicked in the window. (Certainly
> the applications implementation and how Lesstif handled the Xm calls.)
> If I used the 1.2.4 version of I didn't get either of these
> problems.
> Steve

A new release of LessTif is out. Perhaps it fixes your problem. Your
application should run error-free and warning-free with openmotif 2.1,
as it should be source-compatible (use static linking to avoid any
required upgrade to Motif 2.1) about .
By the way, you may have to watch out if you intend to use your
application on a commercial system. It is illegal to use openmotif on a
commercial system. I am not sure if this applies to statically linked