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Rob Arthan wrote in message news:...

> Answer: resources, you fool! You were trying this with displays running
> various versions of KDE. KDE in its infinite wisdom apparently uses xrdb to
> load resources from a wide variety of places. These include a file called
> AAAXaw.ad, which is presumably intended for generic Athena widget
> applications and contains the following:
> *Command.translations: : reset()\n :
> set()\n: notify() unset()
> which is apparently lifted from the Xedit-color applications defaults file
> that comes with X.
> So not a Motif issue at all - although it would be a real pain in general to
> defend your code against an environment which loads large numbers of
> resources with no application class specified (KDE on my Mandrake 9.1
> set-up loads over 200).

The same problem raised when I tried to set some resources for the Athena
Text widget, because XmSelectionBox and its descendants use this name for
the text within selection box. I blame both Xaw and Motif, the first one
for not using its own "namespace" (e.g. XawText, XawCommand, etc.) and the
former one for not using better names for the internal widgets.

--- Casantos